Opus Mastery was created to fulfill the dreams of this joyful little girl – and others just like her.


She is thrilled to be out and about, exploring the fields and the walkways, picking up new flowers as she goes, and satisfying her curiosity about the smells and the colors.

She is looking forward to what is around the next corner, putting the flowers into a vase when she gets home, and maybe, if she is lucky, having a bowl of ice cream. She is glowing with optimism.

She is feeling extra good about herself because when asked she could name most of the flowers she picked. And the ones she could not name she got to learn. She is delighted to be sharing what she knows and learning new things. Competence makes her happy.

These are the values that Opus Mastery is built upon: Curiosity – Optimism – Competence. To me, the grown up version of the little girl in this picture, they equal joy and I think we can all can use a big heaping armload of that.

Do you have a picture like this of yourself? If you do, take it out, sit with it for a moment. What would the young you have to say about a future where you get to create an opus and make friends with other people who are connected to their own joys? What would you hear young you say if you listened well?

This little girl would say: Do you want to play?

We are all opus people here. Curiosity and fascination guides us. We create from within. We care about fulfilling our own dreams and supporting the dreams of others. We are your kind of people. Let's meet the faculty ↓


Sir Opus

Sir Opus has led a life of adventure. Starting out as a mere curiosity at a petting zoo, he broke free from the expectations of others and set out to become.

And became he did. He has an honorary degree in human studies and has devoted his craft to helping humans find the place within themselves that is aching to be shared with the world.

Here at Opus Mastery his role is to guide you through the inspirational and logistical side of the Residency and share his best odds and ends from around the world in our newsletter.



Janet Alexandersson

Janet has always been an opus kind of person, creating things just because she was fascinated and wanted them to exist. You can find her library of creations here.

While making opuses she has also had a career on the side. She is a lawyer by trade and has had a grand old time helping all kinds of ventures get their legal ducks in a row.

As Head of Mastery she guides our residents through finding, creating, and sharing their opuses.


Curiosity is the first step toward your opus.

Our orientation package is filled to the brim with inspiration, information, and ideation – and our application form.  It will give you all the information you need about the Residency and help you understand what your opus could be – even if you think you don't have what it takes.

Your opus is waiting for you.

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