Uncover your opus.

The time has come – your time. You are ready to create that one thing that you have been dreaming of. Your very own opus is waiting to happen. Let's do it together.

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Is your jar empty?



A work infused with curiosity, fascination, and mastery, created in a way that lights you up and spreads that light to others.

Do more of what lights you up.

You already know what your opus could be, really. You just need to listen inwards.

It is the thing that you could talk about for hours. It is the thing that would have so much of you in it that you feel a little bit naked sharing it with others.

An opus comes from inside you. The drive for it feels a little like obsession. It is this idea that will not go away, even if you feel incapable.

It may feel like diving into making an opus will consume you and take away from other important things in your life. But don't fear.

Doing what you love will fuel all parts of your life.

Afraid you'll open a can of...

  • wasted time spent on chasing dreams
  • jumbled unfulfilled desires
  • stuckness instead of creativity and joy
  • left turns from following your joy

Choosing to create an opus can feel scary – but the rewards are endless.

Take your seat in the director's chair.


It is your turn now. You get to direct your energies and efforts into a project that truly matters to you. Something you could work on for hours on end and not even notice.

Share your fasciation, curiosity, and competence with the world. We are all waiting to experience more of you.

Let your work be an act of self expression.

Your opus has to be a magnum opus, a once in a lifetime extraordinary work. Creating opuses can become ordinary for you – let the rewards be extraordinary instead.


Let us help you keep swimming.

Creating an opus is probably feeling a bit daunting by now. Let's take the journey together. This fall we will host the first Opus Residency for a group of people who are ready to make their opuses real.

Our floaties are made of masterclasses, opus with me sessions, peer reviews, and scenius groups.

What is included in the Residency?

The first five weeks are dedicated to five masterclasses about opus making

Diving head first into the making of an opus can be an isolating experience. You'll doubt yourself, get stuck, be tempted to just delete, and doubt the value of what you are creating.

The six month Residency is designed to make the process enjoyable by connecting you with resources and peers that will guide you, support you, and cheer you on.

Our regular programming includes Opus With Me sessions where we co-work and Peer Reviews where you get a chance to get personal feedback. We also assign you to a Scenius Group where you and your fellow opus makers can mastermind with each other.

Don't trust us – do your own math.

  • Time spent on creating something you love
  • Resources used to practice your craft
  • Connections made with other opus people
  • Bringing real zest into your life
  • Fulfilling your long term dream
What do you value at this stage of your life?

An opus is a gift to you and a gift from you. You'll get the satisfaction of creating from within and the world will be inspired by your passion and enthusiasm.

Curiosity is the first step.

Our orientation package is filled to the brim with inspiration, information, and ideation – and our application form.  It will give you all the information you need about the Residency and help you understand what your opus could be – even if you think you don't have what it takes.

Your opus is waiting for you.

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